Eat ’til you puke!

Over the Holiday weekend the famous Coney Island Hot Dog eatery, Nathan’s held it’s annual Hot Dog Eating contest and well, it appears that there was a bit of trouble at the event…

NEW YORK – Japanese eating champion Takeru Kobayashi, arrested at a July Fourth hot dog-eating contest, was freed Monday after a night in jail, looking a little weary and saying he was hungry.

Kobayashi, wearing a black T-shirt bearing the message “Free Kobi” in green letters, was freed by a Brooklyn judge after he pleaded not guilty. The slim, boyish 32-year-old said he consumed only a sandwich and some milk in jail.

A contract dispute had kept Kobayashi out of Sunday’s annual Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest, but he showed up anyway.

I bring this up, not so much because I actually care about either Kobayashi or the event itself, but because I think that it is horrific that in a country where children go to bed hungry every day that we hold a contest to see how much food one person can eat. I also think that it is worse still that the folks who participate in these events dare to call themselves “professional athletes” and train for the event.

These guys aren’t athletes! Athletes play basketball, baseball, football (American and European), not these asshats. Hell, I’d be willing to refer to cheerleaders as athletes before I’d be willing to consider these shlubs as such.

Killer dogs

Just when you thought it was safe to go out to a ball game, some over-eager yabbo with nothing better to do gives us this

Yesterday, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement on Prevention of Choking Among Children (PDF). A laudable goal, no doubt. One particular recommendation found in the report, though, has got the American public’s hackles up. The kiddie docs identified the hot dog as the food on which little Billy is most likely to choke and die. This is because of their “cylindrical, airway sized, and compressible” nature. And you thought Dan Aykroyd made them sound unappealing.

For a link to the video, go here

Seriously, though sometimes you just have to wonder how any of us made it as far as we have without killing ourselves because we didn’t know that the stove was hot, we need to cross at the light, and knives are sharp. Personally, I’m with the guy on the street being interviewed who says, “You know what parents are going to learn what to do? They are going to have to learn how to watch their kids.”

As an infant, my daughter chocked on a McDonald’s french fry. I was paying attention and solved the problem, I didn’t go out on a quest to change the shape of the way fries are made.

The Perfessor