I’m Stan Lee, and you’re not!

Stan LeeAs a journalist my self, I’ve interviewed hundreds (thousands?) of folks, Over the past couple of years I’ve sort of slipped over to the other side of the creative bench and have begun creating (writing) my own stuff.

A couple of weeks back, while I was attending Ray Felix’s Superhero Comic Con (once again in the Bronx) I was interviewed by Dana Gallagher from The Cinema Couch. here is that interview.

Truthfully, this was a tad odd for me, as I am usually the one doing the interviewing, not being interviewed (as you can probably tell from the clip).

The Perfessor

Funnybooks from the Perfessor

Cover_webYep, that’s right. Last year I was able to produce my first stand-alone comic Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl which has become an instant hit. Now this year I’ve rolled out my second, First in Flight. As you all ready know. HG&THG is a Good Girl, gag comic that deconstructs superheroes while it has a good time doing so.

Gustave_headshotMy newest work, First in Flight, is somewhat different type of comic. a few years back I wrote a short story about Gustave Whitehead, for a for a graphic album. Gustave was a man who lived in Bridgeport CT who actually flew twy years before the Wright Brothers. He has never been able to achieve his proper place in hiistory due to a long-standing contract between the Smithsonian and the heirs of Orville & Wilbur (check out the book History by Contract), by William J O’Dwyer.

ICONIC_cover-1The art on the Whitehead comic is by Rick Lundeen, and that book (Iconic) is currently available for sale for $9.99. The Graphic Album also contains stories about other historic, fictional, and mythic figures including Sherlock Holmes, Ebenezer Scrooge, Robin Hood, Mark Twain, Prometheus, and St. George.

Well, recently I pulled my Gustave Whitehead story out to create a stand-alone 8-pager that we are going to use to promote Gustave’s accomplishments, and (hopefully) turn it into a full-sized 32-page comics to be distributed to schools in Conn. I got turned on to Gustave by one of my High School Science teachers, A guy named Andy Kosch, who has spent a great deal of time trying to get Gustave’s accomplishments acknowledged.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that soon.

Learning to Fly!

iconic_gustave-1When I was a High School teenager, I met my science teacher who later became my Judo Instructor. During the course of High School (and after) I came to realize that he also had a love for flying, and sky diving. It was this love of his that led him to learn about Gustave Whitehead, a German immigrant who settled in Bridgeport, CT, which was one town over from where I went to High School.

Well, Gustave is important to this story because not only did he he actually fly before the Wright Brothers flew at Kittyhawk, but he sold them a couple of his engines. My teacher met and interviewed some guy (who was in his ‘80s or ‘90s at the time of the interview), who, as a young boy, worked with Gustave on the plane. My teacher made a documentary about the subject I believe. He also went on to build and fly a replica of Gustave’s plane. He also established a small museum dedicated to Gustave, and operated it for many years at the Marina at Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport.

Story & Art (c) Sodaro & Lundeen
Story & Art (c) Sodaro & Lundeen
As I got older, and seriously into comics, my teacher and I often spoke about developing a comicbook that would tell the story of Gustave, that we could then distribute to schools in Bridgeport. As it turns out, we never did that.

Flash forward several years later and I, while working with the Comicbook Artists Guild, had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a graphic album which revolved around new/different stories told about historic/mythic, and/or fictional characters. I had originally pitched an updated retelling of Jack the Ripper, which was accepted, and then deemed possibly too violent for the all-ages-themed book, and was asked to pitch a new story. (Don’t worry, the Jack story wound up having a nice home and will also be published later this year.)

iconic_gustave-6I chose to pitch the Gustave Whitehead story, which was accepted and then beautifully illustrated by Rick Lundeen, an artist out of Chicago that I was introduced to over this project,and have gone on to with on the third installment of my on-going Wülf Girlz storyline (now being published under the Atlas Unleashed banner — more on that as it happens). So now, I’m happy to announce that that Graphic Album, titled Iconic, is now available.

In addition to my story, Iconic contains short stories about Prometheus, Talos, Cuchulainn, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, John Henry, Mark Twain, St. George, and (of course) Gustave Whitehead. Some 30 writers, artists, letterers, and others worked together to develop 10 short stories revolving around these mythological fictional, and historical characters. The resulting 120-page tome (with an introduction by renown comicbook scribe Gary Cohn) retails for $9.99, and is currently available.

Hopefully you will all rush right out (well, figuratively as I just gave you the link), and purchase your own copy. We are intending this book to find it’s place in libraries, schools, and book stores around the country. Hopefully it will, and you will all know just a little bit more about the characters,and individuals about whom we’ve written.

The Perfessor.