Guns & Caffine

To paraphrase Eddy Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, “…don’t worry about us. We got guns and coffee here. We’re gonna get wired and have a big party.” Yeah, here at Cuppa central, those are two things that we dearly love (Walt because he’s a Texan, and me because, well I just like to get wired and blow stuff up).

Still, if we ever found ourselves out on the road, we know one coffeehouse we’re surely gonna visit, and yep, that’s Starbucks, for as surely as we all know that these establishments are the gateway to the Underworld, at least they support an open carry policy in their stores.

…in light of a renewed statement by Starbucks that’s it’s standing by a policy to allow people brandishing unloaded weapons into its stores. (Check out the good videos embedded in the story, as well.)

The quick backstory: The “open carry” movement, in which gun owners carry unconcealed handguns as they go about their everyday business, has been gaining serious traction in recent months. Gun-control advocates have been pushing to quash the movement, including by petitioning the Starbucks coffee chain to ban guns on its premises. Gun-rights advocates have been taking the battle, and their guns, to an ever-broadening range of retail establishments.

While some retail establishments have, for one reason or another, banned open carriers from their premises, others haven’t. Among those in the latter category: Starbucks.

Yep, what could go wrong with a bunch of folks hopped up on caffeine and carrying weapons?

The Perfessor