Strike three, you’re out!

Some time back political satirist Bill Maher pointed out that the GOP Boasts that it is the party of Security and Fiscal Responsibility, except that the only terrorist attack on US soil and the Wall Street crash both happened on their watch, giving lie to both those claims.

Now that Gingrich who is currently on his third wife has won the South Carolina primary (a state heavily populated by Evangelical, Bible-believing Christians) they are clearly no longer the Family Values Party either.

When someone asks when the Republican Party abandoned its longstanding position as the party of family values, we will all be able to say it was shortly after 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on January 19, 2012, in Charleston, South Carolina.

When the invited audience of 2,300 Republicans stood up and applauded Newt Gingrich’s angry and defiant response to the opening question from CNN’s John King about allegations leveled by the ex-wife of the former speaker of the House, it was clear that the GOP, always judgmental about marital fidelity with Democrats, threw that out of the window.

The GOP’s desire to beat President Barack Obama at any cost, and its unwillingness to coalesce around Mitt Romney, clearly outweighs its view on rampant adultery by one of its leading presidential candidates.

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Rick Perry is a lying tool

So Texas Governor, GOP Presidential candidate, and borderline blithering idiot, has cut a new YouTube vid promoting his candidacy, where he touts his Christianity, and slams gays — completely ignoring the fact that Jesus never said word one about homosexuality, but often went off on the rich, and actually espoused the separation of church and state (“Render unto Cesar what is Caesar and render unto God what is God’s”).

Anyway, we want to show you the .30-second clip. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone over to the dark side, but we want top use the video as a set-up to show you what can only be described as a “counter ad” of sorts.

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7 GOP Lies

We were just wondering what would happen if everyone saw this very interesting clip Of Robert Reich (Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley) exposing 7 GOP lies?

Pass it on.

The Perfessor

Prelude to the Republican debates

OK kids, this is probably the way the Republican Pre-presidential debates are going to go…

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Indecision 2012, GOP version…

Yeah, that’s about right.

The Perfessor

The GOP wants to “redefine” Rape

Yeah, but what exactly do they mean by that? Well, apparently Speaker of the House John Boehner feels that rape is only really rape if it involves force, and so does the new House Republican majority as it now moves to change abortion law. While there is an online petition to stop the bill, Kristen Schaal, Daily Show Sr. Women’s correspondent, doesn’t think hard-earned tax dollars should go to women who have only been rape-ished, and explains to us what “rape with benefits” is all about.

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