The GOP Debates

‘nuf said.

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Who’s on the GOP debates?

If you have been watching the GOP debates, then it is entirely possible that this is sounds to you as well.

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GOP Policy

Images that speak for themselves.

And then there is this.

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Mitt Romney; We Know What You Did Last Quarter

As you all know by now, Mitt Romney unveiled his tax returns the other day, and well, as it turns out he makes more in a single day than most Americans make all year.

He paid some $6 million over the past 2 years
He earned over $43 million in that time
And paid a tax rate of just 13.9% (which is less than that a family that earns about $56k a year pays)

Perhaps the worst part of it all, however is that he justifies making more in one day than the median American family makes in a year, while paying the same tax rate as the guy who scans his shoes at the airport.

Watch how this all plays out via a clip from the Daily Show.

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The truth hurts!

You have to love the cognitive dissonance exhibited by Conservative Republicans. The love to shout about how horrible that the Democrats are, but when you actually look at the true, indisputable facts, you find out how far into the tall grass that they have strayed.

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The Committee to Re-elect The President

There is so much truth to this that it is almost not funny.

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