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I never met a pun I could resist.

MC Hammer

From George Takei

The Perfessor

No Sparkly Vampires!

Another funny from George Takei

Take that, ya pansy!

The Perfessor

Gay people…

This, according to George Takei

The Perfessor

Same Sex Marriage

Stolen from George Takei:

The Perfessor

Star Wars v. Star Trek v. Twilight

OK, this one came to me and is apparently burning up the net these days. George Takei attempts to broker a peace between Trekkers and Star Wars aficionados by attempting to unite them against Twilight.

Check it out!

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That’s so Takei!

This is something the we just learned about, but felt that we had to post about. Apparently George Takei who is now a celebrated gay rights activist, recently recorded a video message intended for students and educators in Tennessee as he (and they) are anticipating the passage of Senate Bill 49, or as Takei refers to it, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

If passed, the legislation would make it a crime for teachers to even mention homosexuality. So, George Takei has a plan: Don’t say “gay” — say “Takei.” Apart from a video, he’s also launched a line of products bearing the slogan, complete with a rainbow-colored Star Trek symbol.

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