Everyone wants a piece of the pie

Having successfully beaten back one copyright infringement lawsuit against them, J.K. Rowling, and Bloomsbury Publishing (which printed Harry Potter books), were named this past June as defendants in new lawsuit regarding the property.

Well, It seems that the estate of Adrian Jacobs just figured out that they were ripped off (13 years later).

The estate of the deceased author of a children’s book has accused the author of the stunningly successful Harry Potter books of plagiarizing concepts and themes from Adrian Jacobs’ The Adventures of Willy the Wizard: No 1 Livid Land, which was published in 1987.

You seriously have to wonder about people who want a piece of your pie, long after your pie has been served to millions of people (we are reminded of the fellow who waited until after Seinfeld went off the air to sue NBC over the fact that he felt George Costanza was based on him).

Still, now that I think about it, there are elements of the book that are similar to a dream I once had…(now where is my lawyer’s number?).

The Perfessor