Brad Pitt in a very good movie — trailer

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie trailer that I really really enjoyed watching.

It’s actually best if you don’t know what this is about until you start watching.

Based on a book.

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Abducted, movie trailer where hottie boy runs between the bullets

Thinking is hard
Taylor Lautner, otherwise known as the wolfboy from the Twilight movie series, is now still a teenager with a problem.

He’s never fit in. His parents have always been strangers.

He finds out why. He was abducted as a child.

Thankfully for us, that’s just the setup, and not the conclusion.

The rest of the movie is a chase movie, with our hero and his girl dodging bullets and riding around in fast cars.

Alfred Molina and Signorney Weaver apparently need repairs to their respective boathouses,
because they were convinced to be in this shoot-em-up.

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Aslan roars again (Part III)

I never got past the first one and a half books of C.S.Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia”, so I never read this third installment that has been adapted for your holiday movie going pleasure.

Aslan gets most of the Scooby Gang back together for one more adventure

Voyage of the Dawn Treader adds a new kid to the mix, Eustace. In other writing circles, Eustace would be known at “S/He who is too stupid to live”.

However, the trailer looks cool enough, and perhaps it’s worth a look on the big movie screen.
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Tamara Drewe, a movie about sex and creativity

Based on a graphic novel that’s based on Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd, here’s the trailer for Tamara Drewe.

There's nothing like a young girl to get old men's hearts to fluttering

It’s a movie about a little community, mostly filled with pompous authors (I had no idea such a thing existed!) , horny rock stars (again, no idea) and horny bored locals (okay, I’m down with this now) where an ugly duckling comes back showing off what a little plastic surgery can do.

As infatuations, jealousies, love affairs and career ambitions collide among the inhabitants of the neighboring farmsteads, Tamara sets a contemporary comedy of manners into play using the oldest magic in the book—sex appeal.

In other words, a muse is a muse, until it’s about sex.

And then it’s about a sexy muse.

Are we amused? We’d like to be.

click for the trailer.
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Like District 9 with romance

Trailer below the fold

Here comes a little horror film that on the surface looks like a low budget monster film, ala “District 9”, only with the central theme of a budding romance.

In this case our lead male actor is trying to escort our female actor out of a zone of alien life forms of the monstrous kind.

As you can deduce from the picture taken from the trailer, these monsters are also known as “Mexicans”

The film drops right before Halloween this year. Certainly a better idea for a movie than the standard murderous slasher with a penchant for recently deflowered blondes movie that usually appear about that time.

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The finest film you’ll ever be forced at gunpoint to watch

This isn’t the kindest review for Julia Roberts’ new movie, “Eat Pray Love” but it will be one of the cruelest.

These people aren’t nice, and I like that about them.
Why all the hate toward the movie? Besides watching Julia Roberts take a vacation?

Apparently, this is the chick flick that other chick flicks go to see when they just got dumped by their boyfriend flicks. (huh?) It’s that kind of a movie, shooting for exactly the rich bored woman who want to see Javier Bardem strut his stuff demographic. There is a shot of a naked man in the movie. It is not Javier Bardem. Sad, I know. I wanted to see him naked, too. Don’t we all?

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