And yet, another county heard from

Recently Texas Governor Rick Perry proved what an ass-hat he is by making a video that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is way off his meds well the int Intertubes have been abuzz with responses, here are a couple of them

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Bill Clinton & Friends find the funny

Here is a clip of former president Bill Clinton and a gaggle of his Hollywood eliet buddies cracking wise for the Clinton Charitable Foundation. It is really quite entertaining, right up until the end, and then it becomes wet-your-pants hilarious!

Check it out.
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No more Hitler?

Yep, you read that right, There will be no more Hitler on YouTube, or, more specifically, there will be no more (over)use of the, Constantin Films,clip from Downfall. Apparently they simply don’t have the same sense of humor that the rest of us who have viewed (and reviewed) this clip with Hitler raging on everything from Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift, to Leno supplanting Conan (several of which we posted here).

Apparently the production company behind Downfall, Constantin Films, doesn’t like seeing their intellectual property taken over by the web. They’ve issued DMCA notices and had many of the Hitler Downfall Meme videos pulled from YouTube. Urlesque’s Nick Douglas explained this bummer of a situation in an interview with our sister site, PopEater.

However, even though Youtube has pulled them, other video sites have kept them up, most notably, Funny or Die.

I guess you just can keep a good Führer (clip) down, eh?

The Perfessor

Ghosts of Presidents Past

Then there was this one time, at band camp, when President Barack Obama was visited by his predecessors… (courtesy of Funny or Die)

Nice to see that all these former (great) comedians can still get work, eh?

The Perfessor

The sequel to Avatar?

Recently James Cameron indicated that he was going to write a book based on his blockbuster 3D flick, well, we have happened across the possible film sequel to the CGI-laden event.

Yeah, it starts out slow and a tad predictable, then turns disturbingly funny, so you know we totally liked it ourselves.

The Perfessor

PeeWee gets an iPad and shows us how to use it!

Steve Jobs gave it to PeeWee personally!