Halloween Funnies

OK, OK, so Halloween is over, but we love it so much that we are still celebrating (Hey anyone watching The Walking Dead on AMC?), So anyway, here are a couple of last Sunday’s comics that we found especially funny. First up, Foxtrot:

Then Family Circus.

And finally, (just for that added kick), BC.

The Perfessor

Hi-tech funnybook madness

I think that before I discovered funnybooks, I was a fan of syndicated comics in the newspaper. I totally love it when these two worlds collide, as they did this week in Foxtrot. I already posted this on my funnybook site (and showed it to Walt), but since there is a sly tech side to this gag, I wanted to re-post it here. The real gag isn’t obvious (I actually had to point it out to Walt), but it is there, and it is hilarious, so take your time.

(click the cartoon to get it large enough to read clearly)

The Perfessor