Why I hate Technology

There are days that I have a Hate/Hate relationship with computers.
Today is one of them.

I got up this morning, checked my email, then went to march in my local Memorial Day Parade, when I got back, I sat down to do some work when I noticed that Firefox (my preferred browser), had an update available so I chose to download and install it.

That was my first mistake.

I then spent the better part of the next four hours attempting to figure out why I now could not access the Intertubes via Firefox. Internet Explorer was able to access the net, so too was Safari and Chrome. Whey then couldn’t Firefox? Well, I called my Internet provider, I called Walt and finally, I went on Firefox’s website and did a help search on the topic and discovered that some anti-virus software sometimes don’t recognize updates to software (like Firefox), and then (without asking), simply block the app. Well that’s what happened to me, and with a simple “allow” I was once again able to see the Intertubes.

Man do I hate technology.


The Perfessor

Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a web browser???

deancain3-250x291That’s right folks, you heard that right, Microsoft, in it’s infinite wisdom, has chosen an (aging, no longer on the air) TV icon to represent the hipness, coolness and speed of it’s newest web browser. (Go figure.)

Microsoft (MSFT) is throwing a ton of money into an ad campaign for its Bing search engine, hoping to claw back some share from Google (GOOG). But I don’t think it’s sinking quite as much into the new ads it’s running for its newish version of Internet Explorer.

While the thought process behind this campaign may seem odd at best it is perhaps better understood that it was conceived by the same adhouse that told MicroSoft to stealth-pitch Vista as Mojave (Read more here):

Seriously, will either of these commercials convince you to use IE8?

firefoxWe certainly hope not.

Go Firefox:

The Perfessor