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Those who forget the past breath “Foxygen”…

How is it that nobody except Jon Stewart is calling the ass-hats from Faux News out for the fact that they are hypocritical, bald-face liars and, hate mongers? Where is the rest of the news media on this?

I mean — I do understand that these guys (on both sides) have specific agendas, but you would think that they would be just a tad less blatant about it (or that someone would remember that they took the complete opposite view just a year or so ago when it when the other way).

Or am I simply asking for too much?

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Fox News has Nazi Turrets Syndrome

A week or so back, State Representative Steve Cohen took the Republican party to task over their repeated lies about the Heath Care Bill. During that speech he compared their constant lies to the Lies the Nazis told about Jews which came to be believed as truth. Jon Stewart took him to task on this point, as did others (especially Faux News).

This started off a media firestorm that, well, follow the video clips of the Daily Show (after the jump) to see how it has played out thus far.

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The “truth” is whatever we say it is!

So, I’m sure that you’ve heard about President Obama’s trip to India that is costing the US two million dollars a day (yeah, you read that right $2,000,000 a day!) for 10 days for a total price tag of $2,000,000,000. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of this trip and this outrageous number because, well, everyone (and I do mean everyone) is talking about it.

Interesting thing, though, is that number is not only not correct, but absurdly inflated (the war in Afghanistan costs some $190,000,000 a day). How did Faux News get these numbers? Well, apparently some local Indian reporter spun out some number, and instead of actually checking the reporter’s sources, Fox “news” folks just kept repeating it and then citing other Fox “news” folks so now the story has taken on a bizarre life of its own.

The worse part of this is that even though the Fox reports have been categorically denied by numerous folks in the Federal government, Fox keeps reporting the (intentionally) wrong number, which will only cause people who listen to Fox believe those liars, and not the actual government reports.

Mor on this can be gleaned by listening to purt pal Jon Stewart…

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Head to the Terror Bunker!

OK, so you all know that we’ve been following Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, as he skewers Faux News on their coverage of the Islamic Community Center that is sort of close to Ground Zero, and you all saw the other night how he was able to (using Fox’s own “logic”) link the man behind the Mosque to Fox News itself.

Well last night, Stephen Colbert took it all a step (hilariously) further when he not only took us all into his Terror Bunker 5200, but further on down the rabbit hole as he traced the money even further down that Faux News “logic”…

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Follow the Money!!!

We don’t have to tell you folks that Faux News likes to make s#!t up and report it as fact. Not only that, but they indulge in fear-mongering, in their attempt to sabotage any agenda that doesn’t reflect their world view. Now, it seems that they have (believe it or not), actually gone way too far.

They have done everything they they can to whip the country into a frenzy in order to spew hate about the Ground Zero Mosque (that really isn’t a mosque) located at Ground Zero (except it really isn’t Ground Zero). Still none of that matters, because since Faux News says it, it MUST be true, (and the continued repeating of it it makes it truier).

Interestingly enough, let’s talk a closer (Jon Stewart), look at all of this nonsense, shall we?

But first, Fox News is giving money directly to Republicans

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