The Insane Asylum

The Insane Asylum, map by Louis Raemaekers (1869-1956) who was one of the most famous cartoonist/caricaturists of WWI.

This is very cool.

The Perfessor

European History Time Lapse Map

If you ever wanted to learn more about European history but could never find the time or the energy to spenmd looking through maps and books, then Look no further. Here, with the time-lapse map in the video below. All of that history from 1000 AD until 2003 has been boiled down and filtered in order to show the continent’s history in just three-and-a-half minutes.

The map traces changes in Europe’s borders from 1000 AD until 2003, and was created using software from the Centennia Historical Atlas.

Watch how the Byzantine Empire falls apart, follow the victories of the Mongols as they reach all the way across the Asian continent, and watch national borders shift. All of the preceding is accompanied by a very dramatic soundtrack by Hans Zimmer from the Inception score.

Cool, eh?

The Perfessor

Europe v. the U.S.

Wow, just wow!