Nothing scarier than an erect Dalek

If it stays that way for more than four hours, call the Doctor

This is the cold open for the
best late night show on television
(that’s not hosted by Jon Stewart)
with Craig Ferguson showing
off all the wobbly bits of a Dalek.

It’s to promote the special Doctor Who
episode of Craig’s show that airs tonight (Nov 16th) in America

If you’re not scared of a Dalek, think of it this way:

They’re kind of like zombies with ray guns.

I know!
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Missing Rose

For those of you not following the DOCTOR WHO television series, the latest “companion” to the doctor is a brash redheaded comedienne, an actress with the name Catherine Tate. (She plays “Donna”). However, the most famous recent “companion” to the Doctor was an actress and former pop star named Billy Piper, who in the Doctor Who series went by the name of “Rose”. The character of Rose left the Doctor over a season ago. Most fans of the current series want Rose to return, you see. This is important if you want to click on the video below.

What follows is a slice taken from the comic relief show done in Britain, a skit in a classroom between the actor David Tennant, also known as the Tenth Doctor, and Catherine Tate. The conversation takes place not in the Doctor Who context, but in the context of a (British) English classroom, so Americans may have a bit of trouble following the dialect…