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The Perfessor

The truth hurts!

You have to love the cognitive dissonance exhibited by Conservative Republicans. The love to shout about how horrible that the Democrats are, but when you actually look at the true, indisputable facts, you find out how far into the tall grass that they have strayed.

The Perfessor

Democrats beware!

Now here is an interesting point. Why is it that more people aren’t reporting this aspect of this story?

The following Rachel Maddow video will tell you everything you need to know about what is really going on in Wisconsin.

“If you break the public unions in Wisconsin you can break them everywhere.” — Rachel Maddow

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Let the Health Care debate NOT begin

As I’ve said on a number of occasions, I can’t help but to feel that if a universally acknowledged plan that was accepted by everyone to solve the Heath Care issue in this country was proposed by a Democrat the Republican Party would unilaterally shoot it down. Needless to say I feel that the reverse is also true that is the exact same plan were proposed, but by a Republican, the Democrats would poke holes in it.

Well, take a look at what the Republicans are currently doing (as filtered through the camera lens of The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart’s satiric wit.

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Yet somehow, this is being spun (by Republican leadership) and believed (by the party rank and file), as somehow being the Democrats’ fault.

Seriously, I totally want these bums to shut up, stop posturing, and just effin lead!

The Perfessor