You can’t make this stuff up!

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Top 10 last words of Osama bin Laden (from Letterman)

Here we go...

Funny stuff.

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Takin’ (another) Swing at Tiger

So, you would think that the last man in America who would seek to make light of Tiger’s troubles would be David Letterman, (especially after the events of Letterman’s own recent past) but then you would be wrong.

Here is a clip from a recent Letterman monologue. Only the first 2:44 are about Tiger, but the rest is about the Salahis, and, well, it is still quite entertaining.

Don’t you just love this guy?

The Perfessor

And now we know exactly what Craig Fergu…

And now we know exactly what Craig Ferguson had to do to get his job.

But how does he keep it?

From Monday’s intro:

Dave’s got his work cut out for him in …

Dave’s got his work cut out for him in this first mea culpa

showing, once again, no good sex goes unpunished.

Jane Eyre would have gone for Letterman, too

[…]literature — often taught in women’s lit courses — also teaches women to lust after men in a position of money and authority.

Jane Eyre is required reading in many schools, and what does the heroine Jane do?

She, the lowly poor tutor, falls for her rich boss, Mr. Rochester, and is in ecstasy when he deigns to fall in love with her, too. So think about it — we’re actually schooled to believe that it’s desirable to date the boss.