Nothing scarier than an erect Dalek

If it stays that way for more than four hours, call the Doctor

This is the cold open for the
best late night show on television
(that’s not hosted by Jon Stewart)
with Craig Ferguson showing
off all the wobbly bits of a Dalek.

It’s to promote the special Doctor Who
episode of Craig’s show that airs tonight (Nov 16th) in America

If you’re not scared of a Dalek, think of it this way:

They’re kind of like zombies with ray guns.

I know!
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Craig’s Robot Skeleton Army is one step closer to reality

The Robot Skeleton Army has a new leader.

He’s being built now.

He will appear on the 5th of April.

He will be your new master.

He’s only disguised as a sidekick.

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Late Night Brouhaha

Ok, by now we’ve all hared about the late-nite dust-up with Leno tanking at 10:00 P.M. and taking the rest of the line-up’s rating with him, so I.m really not going to rehash it all here, but, I figured that I’d let some of the late-nite guys tell their side of of how all of this affects them, starting with Conan:

Conan O’Brien will leave ‘The Tonight Show’ if Leno returns to NBC late night

Now for a bunch of clips. First up, Conan talks about Leno:

Craig Ferguson weighs in:

Now for what David Letterman thinks:

In a this article Conan eviscerates NBC over their decision to move the lineup around.

Even Jimmy Kimmel gets into the act when he talks about the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien situation.

Ya just gotta love this stuff.

The Perfessor

Craig Ferguson’s 1000th show opener. The puppets and the badonkadonks

Just another reason why the Craig Ferguson show is the best show on TV right now

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Yes, there’s a reason America claimed this guy. The best always come to America.

Craig’s 1000th show was a special one, and done with puppets. Even the musical act was brilliant.

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And now we know exactly what Craig Fergu…

And now we know exactly what Craig Ferguson had to do to get his job.

But how does he keep it?

From Monday’s intro:

Great, now we’re outsourcing mistresses!

I’ll see that Jon Stewart take on “Hiking The Appalachian Trail” and raise you with Craig Ferguson’s take on how the jilted politician’s wives should be handed out a T-shirt when their husband gets elected, reading “I’m With Stupid”. That way they have something to wear when they find out so they’ll have something appropriate to wear to the mea culpa press conference.

If you get past the Argentinian food jokes, the rest is pretty good:

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Stay for the last punchline.