That’s all she wrote

I guess when you’ve been “fired” (especially to the tune of $30 million) it is time to bring out the masturbating bear.

I don’t want Conan, not before he took over the Tonight Show, not since he took over the show, and probably not after he winds up where he is going to go (probably Fox), so I completely don’t get the whole Masturbating Bear bit. I do, however, understand that if you make less money than the guy who used to have your job, and he is still available to come back and make the money for the company that you can’t seem to make, then you probably should just shut the eff up, and slink off into the night. Still, 30 Mill is 30 mill, and that ain’t a bad “Pay or Play” clause to have in your contract.

Still, there is this side of the argument.

Needless to say, this SNL bit is probably the funniest take on the entire matter.

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China weighs in on Leno v. Conan

Yeah, you read that right, China media apparently filed a TV report about NBC’s late night fiasco. I obviously can’t understand anything that is said in this video, but the imagery of the video is pretty clear, as well as quite hysterical

Needless to say, sound is not required, but it is funny to note that a TV report in Chinese is subtitled in Chinese (and yes, I understand that there are two major languages in China, Mandarin and Cantonese, one is spoken and the other is subtitled), but it still looks silly to this Occidental.

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Late night of a different color

Is Conan is out in the cold?
So yeah, we’ve all been riffing on the Late-Night silliness that has been going on for the last couple of weeks,and well, (virtually) every party has been heard from thus far, and that’s cool and all. Still, there is another reality of a hi-tech digital source that has not yet been considered, that is until now.

What would happen if instead of NBC’s two big guns duking it out for the 11:30 time slot, they tried something different. Nick Bilton from The New York Times offers this opinion.

…So here’s my advice to Mr. O’Brien: After he leaves NBC and spends a few months healing his wounds and pulling the troops back together, he should come back and make the Internet his time slot. He doesn’t need to abandon television — there are still millions of viewers who sit around the living room and tune in at a specific time — but he could take the battle in the direction the audience is clearly migrating: online.

He has a point, how many of you folk out there watch TV when it was on, that is to say, when was the last time you caught a Letterman, Leno, Conan, SNL or other late-nite bit live. Most folks I know (especially younger folks), are doing something else and watch later online at a time that is more convenient to them.

I have to be completely honest, I didn’t even know “The Tonight Show” went on the air at 11:35 p.m. until the drama surrounding the shows’ time change happened recently. Just like Mr. Carr and his daughter, I sit at home watching Web clips of the show on my computer — as I do with all my television programming.

Over the last week I’ve enjoyed watching the hosts snipe back and forth as my friends shared links to specific clips, passing along the daisy chain of comedy to others.

Still, that’s not even the only option, as this commenter to Mr. Bilton’s article pointed out:

I think a more realistic version of this scenario would in fact make sense. I’m sure the technology exists for it to be possible on digital tv, for people to just press sth on their TV to just choose which show they want to watch, if both were on at the same time. Since there doesn’t seem to much overlap between the 2, that way everyone could get what they wanted and NBC would increase its ratings. This would be a truly revolutionary move, the kind Zucker thought he was achieving with the original plan. Of course, in addition to this, instant replay should be possible for those who do want to see both, similar to what TimeWarner offers in some markets. And in addition, of course clips from all shows should be available online and all over the world (no geo blocking). Internent users in Europe could not access many of the NBC clips being shared last week because of senseless IP blocking. A positive example in this respect: Comedy Central and The Daily Show/Colbert Report, perfectly accessible in Europe as well.

Now what could be cooler than that? The next revolution will be on the Internet.

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More on Late Nite TV

Yea it is fun poking at these guys, and it is even more fun watching them poke at each other. The latest news is that Conan has announced that when Leno gets moved back to 11:35 after the Olympics, he won’t follow as host of the Tonight show at 21:05 (someone rather eloquently went on to point out that if your show starts at 12:05 is is no longer “tonight” but tomorrow morning).

It looks like “The Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien is likely to be gone soon, chin-checked out by former host Jay Leno, whose 10 pm show on the GE (GE)–and soon to be Comcast (CMCSK)–broadcast television network bit.

But O’Brien is biting back harder, as you will see, along with “The Late Show” legend David Letterman on CBS (CBS), who is moving into viciously hysterical against Leno, whom he seems to dislike.

Here are some of their latest videos:

Follow the link if you wish, (hightly recommended), but I still wanted to post one of the vids, here:

Man, watching this stuff makes my life look tame.

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Late Night Brouhaha

Ok, by now we’ve all hared about the late-nite dust-up with Leno tanking at 10:00 P.M. and taking the rest of the line-up’s rating with him, so I.m really not going to rehash it all here, but, I figured that I’d let some of the late-nite guys tell their side of of how all of this affects them, starting with Conan:

Conan O’Brien will leave ‘The Tonight Show’ if Leno returns to NBC late night

Now for a bunch of clips. First up, Conan talks about Leno:

Craig Ferguson weighs in:

Now for what David Letterman thinks:

In a this article Conan eviscerates NBC over their decision to move the lineup around.

Even Jimmy Kimmel gets into the act when he talks about the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien situation.

Ya just gotta love this stuff.

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