Are you c*ck blocking God?

A fair enough question (well it is if you are Stephen Colbert), which is what he recently assked on his program, Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report.

Hey, you heard it here (second).

The Perfessor

Mitt the serial Killer

Apparently Stephen Colbert is running for something in Soputh Carolina.

WASHINGTON — Stephen Colbert technically has no chance of winning the GOP primary in South Carolina — but that’s not stopping him from insisting he can.

The Comedy Central host recently transferred control of his super PAC to fellow network host Jon Stewart, so that he is now legally free to explore running for president in his home state of South Carolina.

The move was largely prompted by a survey from Public Policy Polling that showed Colbert has more support than former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who is actually running for president.

Last year Stephen Colbert set up a SuperPAC, the other day he he transferred control of it to fellow Comedy Central faux-newsman Jon Stewart, to set up his own run for president in the South Carolina primary. Now that Stewart is “running” the superPAC, it has started peoducing attack ads against Mitt Romney. The first such ad appears below.

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I got yer war on Christmas, right here

We love Jon Stewart, especially when he is “on” as he is so totally is in this clip about the so-called “War on Christmas

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Fox News has Nazi Turrets Syndrome

A week or so back, State Representative Steve Cohen took the Republican party to task over their repeated lies about the Heath Care Bill. During that speech he compared their constant lies to the Lies the Nazis told about Jews which came to be believed as truth. Jon Stewart took him to task on this point, as did others (especially Faux News).

This started off a media firestorm that, well, follow the video clips of the Daily Show (after the jump) to see how it has played out thus far.

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A Mourning we shall go

I know that I should be immune to this by now, but I’m always surprised about how insensitive and, well stupid TV commentators are and they can partisan-ize an event that not only should remain non-partisan, but one that they even admit should be non-partisan. Still, at the memorial service for the victims of the Tuscon shooting when the President where we are all trying to grieve, TV pundents can clearly demonstrat how much of an ass they can collectively be.

As always, it is Jon Stewart and his teem of comedic jesters on the Daily Show are quick to point out…

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(re) writing the past

Mark Twain; arguably one of the finest writers ever to call the United States of America home; once wrote that “the difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter.” Interestingly enough, a new edition of his most renown books Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer will try to find out if that holds true by publishing a new, controversial version of this controversial book by replacing the “N-word” with the word “slave” in an effort not to offend readers.

Now, over the years many schools and libraries have tried to ban this book because of the use of this word. However, many say that to alter this seminal work of fiction is to re-write (or “whitewash” if you will) our past.

Any way, here’s what our pals Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore had to say about the subject.

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