The Avengers are coming!

If you have sat through the credits of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America to watch the Easter egg trailers at the end, then you are a step ahead, and can go to the head of the class. Needless to say, this trailer is what you’ve all been waiting to watch.

Ain’t it cool?

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No one cares.

A couple of years ago, when Marvel Comics‘ fictional character, Captain America (Steve Rogers) was killed during a year-long storyline entitled Civil War, virtually every news media outlet on the planet carried the story (completely ignoring the fact that a) he was a fiction character, b) he was a corporate icon and without “Captain America” there could be no Cap tie-ins, and c) HE IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!)

Well, as those of us who are smarter than the rest of you knew better, sure enough, he got better, and Steve Rogers returned to the land of the living just a couple of years later. Even though he didn’t immediately take back the uniform of Cap (now inhabited by Bucky Barnes, his WW sidekick (who had also returned from the dead), he became Super Soldier, and took over the helm of the international spy organization, SHIELD from Nick Fury (who was also dead and now alive again (starting to sense a theme here?).

Yet, even that moratorium on him was was short-lived as word has just come down that Steve will once again pick up his shield and become Captain America (in fact, just prior to the release of the Captain America movie — anyone want to take bets on when the “now dead” Johnny Storm (the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch) will return from the dead? When did you say that the FF film reboot is going to happen?).

Yes, yes, I realize that all of this is old news, but it is relevant only in the following light. In the recently-released Action Comics #900, Superman renounced his American Citizenship. Yep, you read that right, declaring himself to be a citizen of the universe, he rejected his american citizenship. Guess what the right-wing, conservative Republican-leaning Fox and other media did with this…Yes again, they went right ’round the twist.

Once again because I’m smarter than you I know better, I feel it necessary to point out a few things. 1) Henry Cavill, the actor picked to portray Superman in the next film is, well, British, 2) Joe Shuster (co-creator of Superman) was a Canadian , 3) Kal-El (Superman) isn’t from Earth, he’s an alien, born on the planet Krypton, and 4) HE’S A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!! You effin morons!

Oh yeah, back to Cap for a minute. The week he died, and everyone was yapping about his death, and what it all meant, eight (real life) U.S. servicemen died In Iraq & Afghanistan, and no one mentioned them.

OK, having said all of that, I’m going back to drinking heavy and reading my comics.

The Perfessor

Captain America Hangs tough!

As I’ve mentioned, (once or thrice), I’m something of a comicbook fan. Well, back in January, I spotted the published image for the cover of Captain America #616 which celebrates the 70th anniversary of this all-American comicbook hero; and well, it looked like the image to the right. As you can see, it is an image of Captain America standing in front of an American Flag. However, the eagle-eyed among you will notice that there is actually something wrong with this 70th anniversary issue of this American icon.

If, like me, you are a Boy Scout, or have served in the military (I didn’t), you will notice something wrong with this image. Yep, the flag is hung wrong. Anyone familiar with Flag protocols will know that the U.S. flag is always hung with he blue star field in the upper left corner. well, I contacted my editor over at Marvel (I work on the Marvel Index project), and informed him of the error.

Well, when Cap #161 came out last week the cover actually looked like this:

From what I subsequently learned from my editor, it was because I called in when I did, the Cap Editor was able to fix the image before it got shipped off to the printer.

Seriously, how cool is that?

The Perfessor

Captain America trailer, now with NSFW music

Sometimes the best parodies are the simple ones.

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Two more in the Index column

OK kids, here are my two latest published works, issues # 2 & 3 of The Official Index to the Marvel Universe (V2) Avengers, Thor, & Captain America.

#2 has been out for a bit, but # 3 just came out this past week I believe. I am contributing to the indexing of both the modern (Post WWII) Captain America comics and Thor. Needless to say this is a tad more difficult for me, as I don’t really have any where nearly complete runs on either of these titles. Still, we are currently in sections of both runs where I do have quite a number of issues (Although I did have to borrow some early Thor issues from my good buddy, Mark (Thanks pal!).

I know that I contributed to a number of dust jack covers for Marvel hard-bound collections, but I haven’t seen the covers yet, so I’m not sure if they have come out as of yet. I’ll have to check in on that next week.

OK, now back to whatever was distracting me prior to this post.

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The Phone Books are in! The Phone Books are in!

OK, it really isn’t the phone book, but well, as it turns out, Marvel Comics collected all of the Spidey entries from the first volume of The Official Index to the Marvel Universe into a bound volume and issued them as a softcover edition. (To be sure, they also collected Iron Man & the X-Men, but I didn’t contribute to those entries, so I care less about them, as you could guess.)

I’m mentioning it now because, well, I just got my (comp) copies (two of ‘em!) today, so I’m pretty pumped. Further, if I had realized that Marvel was going to issued them as a book, I probably would have contributed entries to the other series as well (Iron Man & X-Men), that way I would have gotten my name in the other volumes as well. Needless to say, for the second series (out now) I’m contributing to not on the Captain America entries, but to the Thor entries as well (Maybe I should do a couple of Avenger entries just so I can get that book when it comes out as well, eh?)

OK, enough fooling around, back to writing my Thor entries for Volume #2.

If you wanted a copy of your own, you can always score one from Amazon.

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