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“Bing!” Goes the search

bingleAccording to Nielsen, Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is growing eight times faster than Google.

More consumers are Googling with Bing. According to the latest stats from research firm Nielsen, Microsoft’s (MSFT) new search engine is growing faster than its archrival’s.

google-logoWhich (according to the report) makes Bing the fastest-growing search outfit around. The new search engine has a growth rate more than eight times greater than Google’s. Which is quite an achievement given Google’s de facto monopoly over search coupled with the fact that Bing launched just a few months ago. According to some, this clearly makes Microsoft’s new offering the new hot ticket in town, as it is picking up momentum despite Google’s repeated dismissals of it.

Still, given that Google is all but a monopoly (with “Google it” virtually becoming a short cut to “look it up on the Internet” in much the same way that “Xerox it” is shorthand for “make a photo copy” one could argue that Bing has no place to go but up).

Still, even though this seems pretty impressive, I’m still utilizing Google as my engine of choice.

The Perfessor

Shilling for Microsoft

Some people have way too much time on their hands. The guy who made this vid is 10 of them (sound required):

As my comments in regards to that previous vid. I have this to say about that:

And if you sat through those two, you’re gonna love this!

As for me. I have a date with a bottle of Tequila and a six-pack of Iron City.

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Any woman’s costume that involves weari…

Bing-A-thon video removal update

The Bing-A-Thon was a boring mess for the 35 seconds I watched it.