Beer, it’s what’s for breakfast!

Hey, it sounds plausible to me.

The Perfessor

Beer, it’s what we drink!

Beer, it’s how we roll!

The Perfessor

A beer opening we shall go.

This one is for all of us beer drinkers who always seem to find ourselves in the position of needing to open bottles of beer that (for some reason) are no longer twist-off tops. Well, if this has happened to you, then you’ll want to watch this very entertaining short film.

Now you are ready for the summer.

The Perfessor.


Yeah, you got that right the machine is actually filling the cups from the bottom. Yeah, That’s what I said about this video, which shows a concession stand worker using an interesting machine to fill beer cups up from the bottom. That’s right—the beer comes in THROUGH THE BOTTOM.

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Drink Beer, get Skinny!

No, really, I saw it on YouTube so we know that it HAS to be true!

The Perfessor