Nerd love!

Patton Oswalt stopped by the set of Parks and Recreation recently and improvised this hilarious example by talking entirely off the top of his head for eight minutes straight about what he thinks the plot of the new “Star Wars” movie should be.

This is hilarious!

The Perfessor

Good Morning Mr. President!

And the Republic endures!

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Iron Man complaining on Facebook

Love the “Aren’t you from 1943?” comment.

It’s all in the context

Yeah, like that.

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The Avengers are coming!

If you have sat through the credits of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America to watch the Easter egg trailers at the end, then you are a step ahead, and can go to the head of the class. Needless to say, this trailer is what you’ve all been waiting to watch.

Ain’t it cool?

The Perfessor

Two more in the Index column

OK kids, here are my two latest published works, issues # 2 & 3 of The Official Index to the Marvel Universe (V2) Avengers, Thor, & Captain America.

#2 has been out for a bit, but # 3 just came out this past week I believe. I am contributing to the indexing of both the modern (Post WWII) Captain America comics and Thor. Needless to say this is a tad more difficult for me, as I don’t really have any where nearly complete runs on either of these titles. Still, we are currently in sections of both runs where I do have quite a number of issues (Although I did have to borrow some early Thor issues from my good buddy, Mark (Thanks pal!).

I know that I contributed to a number of dust jack covers for Marvel hard-bound collections, but I haven’t seen the covers yet, so I’m not sure if they have come out as of yet. I’ll have to check in on that next week.

OK, now back to whatever was distracting me prior to this post.

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