It’s the end of the world as we know it…

…but I feel fine.

Happy New Year, all!

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Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Annie, git yer gun!

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OK, we joke quite a bit about the Zombie Apocalypse here at the Cafe, and yea, it is all in good fun (Hey, even the CDC issued a warning about zombie preparedness!), but you know, we really don’t believe it…or do we?

Well, just today we saw this image

and wondered WTF? At first we passed it off as just random Facebook silliness, but then we saw this posting:

Grab Your Boomstick: The Zombie Apocalypse May Actually Be Upon Us

By now we’ve all seen the awful, awful story about the Florida man who was shot to death by police for refusing to stop chewing on another man’s face.

We joked around about it being the canary in the mine shaft of an impending zombie apocalypse. But as Tumblr blogger “I Hope Rick Santorum” helpfully points out in an appropriately viral post, this latest incident is not so much a warning shot as it is another in a disconcertingly intensifying stream of zombie-invoking headlines — all from the past two weeks, and all from the Sunshine State.

It could be the Mayan calender prophecies; it could be that truth is stranger than fiction; hey, it could all be an elaborate hoax, or even entirely explainable (as NOT a zombie apocalypse), but well, we thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

The Perfessor

The End of the World as We Know it (plus one day)

eliEnd of the world flicks are nothing new, nor are Post Apocalyptic flicks, well, now, more than ever before, there is a new wave of disaster films and Television shows that aren’t so much about staving off the apocalypse; they are more about what is going to happen afterward that counts. Guys like Director Roland Emmerich has very nearly destroyed the world on at least three occasions already. In his next film, he means to finish the job.

In his next movie, “2012,” which comes out in November, the earth will rip apart, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. The director previously leveled civilization with an alien attack in the 1996 movie “Independence Day,” unleashed Godzilla a couple years later and orchestrated a climate disaster in 2004’s “The Day After Tomorrow.” His new film, he says, reflects a darker world view. “I’m really very pessimistic these days,” he says.

Still, that’s not all, as other filmmakers are taking the time to explor what will happen at Doomsday Plus One…

In “The Book of Eli,” a movie scheduled for January, Denzel Washington plays the fierce protector of a book that holds the key to mankind’s redemption in an American wasteland created by a war 30 years earlier. “Day One,” a series coming to NBC in March, follows a handful of neighbors trying to survive and understand a calamity that erased the world’s infrastructure. “The Colony,” now airing on Discovery Channel, is a reality show set in an imagined end-times period in which contestants hunt for food, water and shelter after a presumed disaster.

Then, on other fronts…

No humans at all survive in the blighted world of “9,” an animated film produced by Tim Burton in which mechanical dolls learn from the mistakes of their extinct creators (release date: 09/09/2009). Strong buzz has been building since last year for “The Road,” this October’s film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s best-selling novel, about a boy and his father trudging through the scorched remnants of an unspecified cataclysm.

For more of a glimpse into what horrors tomorrow will bring, read the rest of the WSJ article on the subject…

As a fan of this type of flick, I’m thinking that some of these future visions (like Zombieland, and the Book of Eli and The Road) look quite good.

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