OK, NOW it’s a (Halloween) Party!

Ladies and gents, I present to you…The Walken Dead:

…and then, of course, there’s this.


Ya just gotta love it.

The Perfessor

The “return” of The Walking Dead

Season 2 of AMC‘s monster hit series, The Walking Dead, is gearing up…

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Halloween Funnies

OK, OK, so Halloween is over, but we love it so much that we are still celebrating (Hey anyone watching The Walking Dead on AMC?), So anyway, here are a couple of last Sunday’s comics that we found especially funny. First up, Foxtrot:

Then Family Circus.

And finally, (just for that added kick), BC.

The Perfessor

Some things you can’t un-see

Well, first up in this category is, well this…

Yep, that’s a real Facebook page, and no, I’m not kidding about that (although I really wish I was). (And NO, I’m not a fan of the page either)

Next up, is this story about “real” zombies that were spotted this morning on the Brooklyn Bridge.

MANHATTAN — Bands of zombies roved throughout Manhattan during rush hour Tuesday morning, part of a global publicity stunt to promote a new TV show.

The blood-drenched actors ambled across the Brooklyn Bridge and near Penn Station, transported by coach bus between locations, according to photos from Twitter and the New York Times.

Commuters who observed the prank reacted with delight and terror to the spectacle.

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