National Coffee Day!

Drink up America! it is National Coffee Day

Wednesday Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day, a celebration of the drink many people can’t start their day without.

In a recent study conducted by Career Builder and Dunkin’ Donuts, the profession found to drink the most coffee was nurses, followed by physicians. Other high-caffeinated careers included teachers, hotel workers, engineers and government workers.

The study also found that 37 percent of American workers drink two or more cups of coffee during the workday, and two in five Americans say they are less productive without coffee.

In honor of the holiday, many coffee shops are offering discounted or free cups of coffee. So whether your coffee of choice is Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, 7-Eleven or the local deli, grab a cup of coffee and celebrate appropriately.

Me? I’m with Axel.

The Perfessor

I Am Iron Man

No, this post isn’t about Ozzy, but about some of the new fast food toys that are now showing up for the upcoming Iron Man film. I just wanted to share ’em with you, ‘caus I think that they are kinda cool (plus I didn’t have a better post for today).

Yep, that’s straws and Big Gulp cups from 7-eleven.

Personally I’m hoping for something from Burger King or McDonald’s but this is good for now.

The Perfessor

Free Slurpees for EVERYONE!!!

have one on usThat’s right kids. Today it the 81st birthday for 7-Eleven, and you get a present! Yep, for the past couple of years, 7-Eleven has been giving away free Slurpees on its birthday, so you all know where I’m going to go later today.

A buddy of mine invited me to attend an early screening of HellBoy which opens this weekend, and since the theater we are going to attend is near the only 7-Eleven in the area, you know where I’m going after the movie!

I’ve recently rediscovered this great guilty pleasure when they offered both Iron Man and Hulk-themed Slurpee cups to tie in with both of these recent films. Being both a funnybook fan as well as a fast food toy fanatic, I felt it necessary to overindulge myself on the icy drink concoction.

The Perfessor