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The World’s first recorded prank.

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Leggo my Eggo!

eggo_noteggoBy all accounts this could very well be the end of the world as we know it…no, not the Mayan Calendar, nor the movie based on that silliness but this

BETTENDORF, Iowa – “Leggo my Eggo!” It is a line you have seen in Kellogg’s Eggo commercials since the 1970’s and now the fight for the popular breakfast food heats up due to a shortage. Shoppers in search of the Eggo are coming up empty-handed.

The following message appears on the company’s website:

You may have noticed that some of your favorite Eggo® Products are out of stock. We are working hard to get all of our products back into grocers’ freezers as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your continued support.

mayan_calendar1The problem began a few months ago when the Eggo facility in Atlanta, Georgia closed after inspectors found bacteria called Listeria in a sample of Eggos. The bacteria can cause serious infection.

Kellogg then recalled about 4,500 cases of Eggos on September 2nd. The plant was cleaned and sanitized while it was closed and was about to re-open when excessive rain caused flooding, forcing the plant to remain closed.

Kellogg officials say the shortage of Eggo products could last until the middle of 2010.

Disaster Porn without the Disaster leaves just… ?

Film Drunk links us to a funny video about how silly the disaster porn movie 2012 will be.

A new trailer hit the webs earlier showing off a multitude of disasters befalling Los Angeles… also known as “Tuesday”

But one inspired person took that same video and edited out all the disaster, leaving nothing but the actors making their “O” faces.

Yes, you’ll get it 20 seconds in, but don’t click away before the end!

A good joke lays in wait for the stalwart video watcher.


Make up Your Minds Already!

So either the world is going to end in 2012 as the Mayans predicted (don’t believe it, their calender was cyclic and doesn’t so much end on 12/21/2012, but simply reboots — the way the Gregorian calender does every December 31)

Or it is going to end in 2030?

< 2030

The world’s population is growing, food supplies are diminishing, water supplies are becoming more scarce, the ice caps are melting, prices are rising. Things one could argue, are looking bleak – and it looks like they’ll be looking bleaker.

The rest of which can be found here.

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There is a Hole in the Sky (only it isn’t our Sky)

A couple of days ago Walt told us all about the black spot on the surface of Jupiter. Well, today, we have more info on the topic, this time from The New York Times Blog.


NASA has confirmed the discovery of a new hole the size of the Earth in Jupiter’s atmosphere, apparently showing that the planet was hit by something large in recent days. The impact mark was first spotted on Monday morning by an amateur astronomer in Australia, who then drew the attention of scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to the dark mark on Jupiter’s south polar region.

NASA even posted some of the pictures on their web site. The Times went on to say:

Glenn Orton, a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said “It could be the impact of a comet, but we don’t know for sure yet.”

Mr. Orton told New Scientist magazine that the planet could have been hit by a block of ice or a comet that was too faint for astronomers to detect before the impact. Leigh Fletcher, an astronomer at the Jet Propulsion Lab told the magazine the impact scar “is about the size of the Earth.”

In Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the amateur astronomer, Anthony Wesley, a 44-year-old computer programmer from a village north of Canberra, made the discovery “using his backyard 14.5-inch reflecting telescope.” The Herald explained: “Wesley, who has been keen on astronomy since he was a child, said telescopes and other astronomy equipment were so inexpensive now that the hobby had become a viable pastime for just about anybody. His own equipment cost about $10,000.”

Sure we’ve been joking about the resulting cataclysmic disaster here on Cuppa, but it’s all fun and games until a planet-sized comet hits the Earth. Still, the good news is, that if we have even a 30-day warning, then not only will you be able to not worry about paying your bills ever again, but you are going to witness the biggest Bacchus Festival the world has ever seen.

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