Snowmageddon starts here!

This just in! The East Coast is buried in snow for the first (or second) time since winter last year! Al Gore is obviously wrong about Global Warming.

(Oh yeah, it is also starting to get dark, so that means someone extinguished the sun also, right?)

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Don’t ya just love the media’s need to scare the crap out of us on a 214-hour news cycle, just to get us to watch their show?

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3 thoughts on “Snowmageddon starts here!”

  1. For those not patient enough to wade through 7 minutes of less than stellar Jon Stewart, XKCD will sum it up for you:

  2. Not entirely sure how this connects, but sure, whatever.

    The jokes of the correspondents were to make fun of the extrapolation of normal events, like the sun setting
    “Oh my god, the sun went down and it’s dark, and next it will be this way forever!!”

    vs. the extrapolation of the husband chart seen above. Same thing

    Yes, it’s cold east of the Rockies, and yes there was snow on the ground on 49 of the 50 states at the same time
    [], but all that means is the US is having one hell of a winter.

    Temperature data collected and compiled isn’t as clear as the public thinks. Scientists involved have not done due diligence in getting a clear picture of what our historic temperature has been. The head of the British Climate Research Unit has finally admitted as much.

    So, with confusion around every temperature gauge, how do you measure how hot it’s been?

    Well, looking at the ground and seeing snow is one mark you might remember. Wisconsin folks see snow every winter.

    People in Florida traditionally do not. When it snows in Florida, any part of it, it’s news. There’s even a Wikipedia article covering every known snow event in Florida [Wikipedia] There’s been two snow events in Florida this year. It doesn’t kill the global warming debate, but it does mute the “See the weather? This means something about the climate change issue!” when in reality it doesn’t.

    Jon’s doing the best he can on the humor about the snowmageddon issue, but when you try to make a joke about FOX NEWS saying it’s proof about the lack of global warming, the joke just doesn’t go anywhere.

    And yes, trying to analyze humor is like making sausage. It’s messy and the pig doesn’t like it either.

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