Putting the bite on you

Well, we know that Twilight: Breaking Wind…er Dawn is going to be opening up soon, but there is still no excuse for this behavior…

On Monday evening, an unidentified woman allegedly walked into a Denver convenience store, groped a male customer and bit him on the neck, then allegedly bit the clerk on the neck after asking for a hug. Police consider her armed to the teeth … with teeth!

Yeah, that’s what we said:
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Unlike the 500-year-old Vampire Teen of Texas, Madam GropeyFangs hasn’t publicly announced herself as a vampire. (She also wears clothes.) But she probably is one, so Denver police are referring to her as the “vampire bandit” until they spot her and her big beverage (Blood in a Can) and capture her.

Seriously, we need to do something about these 40-year-old Twilight fans

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