Paris Hilton Hacked Pt. 2

It seems that Paris Hilton wasn’t part of a second hacking of the T-Mobile network.

Seems the dog did it.

Most “password recovery protection” on websites like your bank or your, uh, phone mail account, require certain personal questions that only you would know.

  • What’s your mother’s maiden name?
  • What’s your favorite pet’s name?
  • How many fingers am I holding up? (okay, maybe not that one)

And, well, Paris chose her favorite pet’s name. Not that anyone would ever guess this, mind you. I mean, it’s not like she offered a $5,000 reward for her pooch and nobody can remember the mutt’s name or anything…

Yep. All you had to do was go to Paris Hilton’s account on T-Mobile and ask for a password recovery, and answer one key personal question.

Odds are real good right now, it was the damn chihuahua’s name, Tinkerbell.

So even though the FBI are on the case of the perloined pooch’s password personifcation, it seems now that almost ANYONE could have figured out Paris’s Secret.


Harvey Weinstein has had this nasty tendency to shelve movies that he didn’t feel he could market successfully. This caused some movies to be held back at the studio long after they were shot.

But with the Weinstein brothers separating out from Miramax Studios (and the real cause of the separation, the self-destructing Disney behemoth), this leads to all sorts of complications. What to do with all those movies?

Well, we’re sure it’s not going to kill anyone, but apparently there’s going to be a flood of movies come this late-summer.

As early as last October, one Hollywood agency circulated an internal memo showing that Disney had waived its rights in more than two dozen Miramax projects in development, and that the Weinsteins planned to let go of at least a third of them, including a high-profile remake of the musical “Damn Yankees!” That project’s producers, Craig Zadon and Neil Meron, declined through a spokesman to comment.

But the most visible sign of the Weinsteins’ departure will be the unusual number of Miramax releases this year, including a few that have been gathering dust for some time. The sudden activity will probably be a boon to some filmmakers, who have seen their projects languish; but others may be concerned about the company’s ability to support their films with advertising and publicity in a period of transition.

New York Times article link

How many movies are going to be flooding your Cineplex? The linked article says something like 22 movies.

How many of them will actually be worth the price of admission? Hard to say at this point. I mean, they released “JERSEY GIRL” and held back some of these? ew. Things don’t look promising.

The one thing American Idol can’t do





The one thing American Idol can’t do–

Convince me that looking at American Idol runners-up are interesting to look at and/or read about.

Don’t get me wrong. We love American Idol. But we love it for the sound. Discovering someone who got where they are based on their voice, and not by heavy promotion and a sweetened lip-sync trac.

Inside, the magazine contains at least six pull-out “official” scorecards for viewers to use to play along with the show at home.

Among its features are mini-profiles on the top 75 contestants who made it to Hollywood, a lengthy story on host Ryan Seacrest and a column by last season’s runner-up, Diana DeGarmo.
NY Post article

I wonder if TIGER BEAT started this way.

Dead Man Emailing

Do you know what a “Dead Man’s Switch” is? Where you set something up, and if something happens to you, the switch “activates” something? If a railroad brakeman falls off the train, the train won’t somehow become a runaway… Fictional writers love to set up scenarios with crazed bombers and Dead Man Switches.

The modified Dead Man’s Switch is where you have some incriminating evidence, and a friend holds onto it, and promises to mail it if your meeting with MR.BIG goes badly… Yeah, that’ll serve notice to MR.BIG. He’s in trouble, but you’re still dead.

Well, now you can have a service where you can email people after you’re dead. Well, not exactly.

After God calls you home.

You know. The RAPTURE.

You’ve seen the bumper stickers. “In case of RAPTURE, this car will be unmanned.” Uh, like why should you care what happens to the people behind your car when you evaporate? If they can read your bumper sticker, they’re going to have a much better view of your last moments in that car than you’ll ever have. Not only that, but I have a question: If you do get taken in the RAPTURE, and, well, you’re not going to be needing that car, are you? I can like take it, right? I’m sure I can get a good price for it, and I’ll put flowers on your headstone. I promise. Funny, I used to see those bumper stickers all the time, and for the life of me I can never remember seeing one on a Cadillac.

Well, there’s a website related to all this. It’s called and they provide an interesting service.
After THE RAPTURE, the website is designed to send out emails to your loved ones in your name telling them where you’ve gone.

This message has been sent to you by a friend or a relative who has recently disappeared along with millions and millions of people around the world.

The reason they chose to send you this letter is because they cared about you and would like you to know the truth about where they went.

This may come as a shock to you, but the one who sent you this has been taken up to heaven.

Almost like email from Heaven, isn’t it? I wonder if this will get put in the Spam folder…

Now presumably, anyone of your loved ones who are ALSO called up to heaven certainly doesn’t have a need for the email, as they’re up there with you. They’ve got a new email address now…

But here’s my question: When THE RAPTURE occurs, God’s already made His choice. You’re either In or you’re uh, not In. Okay, so tell me. What’s the letter to your friend for? If he’s reading your letter from the great beyond, he’s not going to Heaven and you are. You can feel nice. He’s supposed to feel like crap. So, I can think of only one thing that letter would be for. Rubbing it in.

That’s right. All that letter says is “I got to Heaven and you’re stuck on Earth, so there! Ha-Ha!” Pretty condescending, huh? But I have another thought. Maybe you’re not so goody-two-shoes. Maybe you’re afraid that when THE RAPTURE comes you’ll be left behind! How would you know?

And then I thought of it: Another use for this vital service! Sign up with this site, and put your OWN email address on there, and send YOURSELF this note when THE RAPTURE occurs!

This way, you’re the first to know you’re royally screwed.

Hacking Paris Hilton

Some months back, a hacker managed to break into the T-Mobile networks, and after the chase was on for the hacker, even managed to hack into the T-Mobile phone account of the Secret Service agent that was trailing him. The T-Mobile network happens to be the phone network that I’m on, so I paid it a little attention, and like others didn’t really notice this last week when the hacker pled guilty as part of a sealed plea agreement. The hacker got into the T-Mobile database, collecting Social Security numbers, phone lists, and even the IMs and photos taken by folks on their cell phones. Before he was caught, the some of this information made it around in the backchannels of the internet, as well as the cell phone photos stolen right off of T-Mobile server space.

You would think that T-Mobile would have fixed the security of their servers, as soon as the information about the hacker and his capture became public knowledge. But I’m guessing this Continue reading Hacking Paris Hilton

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