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Place names in The Clearsky Chronicles

A catastrophic event has taken place on Earth. In the mid-21st century, an immense water cloud passes through our solar system, leaving behind oceans of water, part of which still hangs in low Earth orbit as an impenetrable cloak.

The Clearsky Chronicles begins in the 23rd century, on a flooded Earth gripped by an Ice Age that stretches around the globe. It tells the story of the people who are part of the secret plan to eliminate this sunlight blocking cloak and Cerebus: The powerful company that rules Earth and resides in the fortress ark called Rhone.

Many of the characters in The Clearsky Chronicles are given city names. Early on, we meet MEDcadets Odessa, Winnipeg, Lisbon, and Seville. They are taught by their professor Shiraz and his assistant Tralee. For the parents of the freeborn of Rhone, along with the managers of the Human Embryo Development System (HEDS), giving the names of Earth’s drowned cities to infants serves to honor the dead, but also to help focus the learning processes when that child first enters a Gakshu unit.

Anyone experiencing the Gakshu must have a firm grip on who they are. A person who is uncentered is liable to have the information provided to them scattered. Thus, a pre-supplied background, such as details of the given Name City helps the student concentrate on retaining the information provided by the automated instructional unit.

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It is a caffeine world, and I’m just drinking it up

So, I figure that I’ve been drinking coffee for some 40+ years. There was a time when I would brew and drink a full 12-cup pot every day. Eventually I realized that was just a tad to much caffeine, so I cut it back to just two cups. These days I’m hovering around 3–5 cups, plus the occasional caffeinated frappuccino cold drink thrown in for good measure.

All these years I’ve been using white coffee filters. Recently I became aware of “natural” brown coffee filters. It was then that it suddenly occurred to me that white coffee filters are white because they are bleached to get them that way.

Yeah, that’s right, Bleach.

The same thing I use to wash my white clothes, and when I accidentally spilled it on one of my black shirts it took the color out of it. The same thing I sometimes use as a cleaning agent to kill germs and — were I to actually attempt to drink a cup full of it — would certainly kill me.

You just gotta know that’t gotta be a totally bad idea.

Why then am I using coffee filters washed in this toxin to drink my favored beverage (OK, 2nd beverage: nee Beer). So, we’re totally done with that nonsense, and now moving forward, I will only use brown coffee filters to make my coffee.

(yea I knoww the coffee pot is dirty, I’m cleaning it, OK?)


Every year the video taken from cuts from the previous year’s Game Of Thrones is set to Lorde’s Everybody Wants To Rule The World and this is one of them.

There’s some nice touches in this, and the final shot is very appropriate.
Turn up the volume and give a watch

Yogurt commercial addition

Just a simple addition to this commercial makes it just work.
See what you think.

In the Middle East, even the sidewalk wants to hurt you

See what happens when you try to dispose of your litter?