Out of Context or Out of Mind?

“If you’d have stopped for oxygen, you’d be dead now”

Not every person watches every TV show. This post and video is about a TV show for those of you who DON’T watch that particular TV show. In this case, I’m talking about the FOX TV show Fringe.

While you may have seen shows from the first season and written the whole idea of the show off as a “ripoff of the much better X-Files“, I’m here to tell you this show has gone where the X-Files refused to tread. For all the bizarre things the X-Files came up with during their long run, few story arcs put it into the same territory — no — the same league as where Fringe is now.

But I’m not here to tell all you non Fringe watchers to drop what you’re doing and watch the show. Far from it. Without catching up on the previous season and all the episodes from this, what I’m going to show you next will make no sense.

But that’s the purpose of this post.

What I want is for you to simply watch the following clip from this week’s show out of context.

Explaining things here would simply ruin the effect. All you have to know is that our character is in another universe nearly exactly like the one she’s from, living the life of her character from where she is. She has a vision of someone she has been brainwashed to forget. The fact that she sees him and he tells her truths mean the brainwashing (to fully take on the life of her alternate universe self) isn’t working. And that’s a good thing.

To sum, I want you to watch this out of context clip about someone who may be out of their mind.

(vid apparently captioned, so ignore that please)

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2 thoughts on “Out of Context or Out of Mind?”

  1. Funny thing about this show. The well known “Moonlighting effect” (aka Getting the two leads together and after they sleep together the dynamic between them is destroyed-killing the drama of the show itself link) is actually in the process of turning things on its head here. True, they haven’t slept together, but Peter and Olivia’s attraction for each other (the thing that happens BEFORE the Moonlighting effect –link) is strong enough to be an active force in the plot here.

    As opposed to the “Will they or Won’t They” concept that the writers can string on for many stories, this link has been a spiritual bond that ties these two characters together like few others in the history of TV drama.

    Nothing is perfect and pure, but it’s stuff like this that’s enough to raise this far above the level of the last few mind bending shows that were paraded on our TV screens.

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