Only the good die young

Last year, two of my friends died, a few months apart. The were both in the comicbook field, and both died of health-related illnesses. They were both in my general age group (one slightly older and other slightly younger). I was not prepared for either and am (still) not over either. I’ve spoken about both at length John Carbonaro, who died a year ago, February, and Rusty Haller, who went towards the end of last year.

One of the places that I eulogized Carbs was in Jim Main‘s Comic Fan (#5), as it turns out, issue #6 is where I eulogize Rusty. While I wish Jim continued good will in his publishing “empire” I’m kind of hoping that he never publishes another issue of Comic Fan again.

I don’t have that many friends.

***** This just in! I just learned that this issue of Comic Fan also contains three reviews I wrote of some most-excellent indie comics! *****

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