Oh what a weekend…

If you saw my last post, you saw a little bit about my weekend, but apparently there were other things going on as well, first up the Obama administration is sending Lawyers into the BP/Gulf situation. While I say it’s about time, I’m still, not sure if stuffing the pipe with lawyers is going to plug it up any better than stuffing it with golf balls. (Unavoidable aside, what do you call 100 lawyers at bottom of the Gulf of Mexico…a good start!).

Walt sent me a link to the camera feed that is cutting the pipe so that they can seal it off and re-route the flow of oil into a tanker (apparently I can’t hot-link it, but if you cut out the link (mms://a261.l9789246260.c97892.g.lm.akamaistream.net/D/261/97892/v0001/reflector:46260), paste it in your windows media player Open File URL, you will get to see a live feed). Walt says there is a site that does allow fro a hotlink, but he had to go to work, sio I’m guessing that he’ll post it later.

Oh yeah, and there was apparently a sinkhole that abruptly opened up in Guatemala. Yeah, you heard that right, a sinkhole (that looks eerily like something the Silver Surfer did in FF #2 or the Predators did in AVP #1, or even the Horta from the original Star Trek TV show.

So I’m figuring the end of the world is a tad sooner than the Mayans would have had us believe…Me? I’m preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

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