Not Playing That Game

I didn’t see much of American Idol – the rejection version – last night, but caught only pieces in passing.

When I did manage to glimpse at the TV, I noticed the youngest contestant, David Archuleta, sitting in the middle of the stage. I only found out later that David wouldn’t play Ryan Seacrest’s game.

The game was to split the seven contestants into the top three and the bottom three, and then have David choose which group HE thought he was part of. David Archuleta  David has appeared to date to be rather innocent, and perhaps this was a way for him to either earn his halo or trade it in for a pair of horns, thus signifying the loss of his soul to the money machine that is the music industry…

When faced with the awful choice of pointing out the obvious lower quality threesome, David chose by not choosing. He sat in the middle of the stage and simply refused to play the awful game of pointing fingers at the less popular.

Kudos, kid.

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One thought on “Not Playing That Game”

  1. I thought the poor kid was going to cry, and I’m glad he refused to feed into the ever-growing mean streak. It’s bad enough they have to deal with Cowell’s stark honesty, the producers doing Beatles two weeks in a row, and Seacrest’s glee in messing with their heads (as in Michael Johns’s exit) but now they want to turn them on each other?

    Ditto to the kudos.

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