No, seriously, WTF?

My son (the Mini Perf) brought this Youtube vid to my attention.

Dylan’s (who’s 19) comment to me was “What is wrong with America? Or is it now morally permissible to allow 5 year olds to be strippers?”
YouTube link UPDATE: link fixed again

This is just wrong, on so many levels, especially when you consider that earlier this year that a comicbook collector was jailed for importing Manga (which was, in all probability, was far less offensive than this).

As a culture, we are so screwed it really isn’t even funny (especially when you consider that a) these kids are wearing less than Beyonce was when she originally recorded her version of the video, and b) this is just one of many found on YouTube).

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4 thoughts on “No, seriously, WTF?”

  1. Y’know, the sad part is that their parents went on TV to try and defend it, saying those girls are too young to have the dance be sexual. Maybe they (the parents) just live under a rock and don’t realize that this could be like a virtual strip club for pedophiles. Also, if they (parents) thought it was all harmless and in good fun, why dress them like tiny hookers? The other dance clip they showed, the girls were dressed like ballerinas (kind of – body suits with flowy skirts) so why not have them wear something more like that – more dance appropriate?

  2. If you click through to Youtube, you can see that there are dozens of similar videos with kids that young in similar dance routines dressed equally provocatively. Now I understand that parents can look at their kids and not see them in a sexual way, but (as a parent), I also know that, in spite of hopw I see my children, not everyone sees them int he same light.

    Yea, it is a bad idea, and totally irresponsible of those parents to participate in these kinds of events, but then again, not all parents are as smart as me either.

    The Perfessor

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