My Phone is an Android

Android…well, not my phone, but my phone company (Verizon), now offers Motorola’s Droid phone powered by Google’s Android smart-phone operating system. The phone (which rolls out this week) was reviewed by Wall Street Journal columnist, Walter S. Mossberg, who feels that that Motorola’s Droid is an overall smart success for Verizon users.

To be sure, he does have some issues with the phone (the camera isn’t as good as the IPhone’s, it is (slightly) bigger (and heavier), plus it currently only has 12,000 apps (to iPhone’s 100,000), plus it only allows three screens worth of visible apps (compared to other Android’s five and iPhone’s 11).

Still, over all it does allow access to Verizon’s fast and powerful 3G network, as well have several advantages (the camera is five megapixels as well as has a flash — iPhone doesn’t have a flash and is only three Megapixels). Plus the Droid has a powerful 6.4 battery life and a 3.7-inch screen, making it last longer and have a bigger screen than iPhone.

The review itself can be found here. Mossberg himself states that while many of the specs of the phone might not fully stack up to the iPhone, for fans of the Verizon network itself, this phone is a good model, and should satisfy Verizon customers.

From my own perspective, I want to stay with Verizon, and love my own SmartPhone (Verizon’s 6800). Anyway, my phone is still relatively new (less than a year), so I’ll probably wait until the end of my contract to upgrade.

Hopefully by then, many of Mossberg’s objections to the phone will have been addressed (and the monthly price for Internet will have gone down).

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  1. As someone who loves their G1, I have mixed feelings about the Droid…

    As the Review Pointed out the keyboard sucks, I would like a dedicated number row. if I wanted a crappy keyboard I’d get an Iphone.

    Also not having the d-pad on the outside is pretty annoying. I have auto rotate turned off, so the screen rotates when i open the keyboard. browsing the web like this would be pretty annoying.

    The Guts of the thing make be drool, The G1 is pretty fast out of the box, but after installing a bunch of apps it slows down quite a bit, Doubling the on-board flash should make quite the difference(apps to SD is almost as good, but requires root). Also this thing has a bigger stock battery, and about 1.5 times the ram.

    Also This doesn’t use Google’s version of android, Can’t say whether this is good or bad, but it’s got the main market so it can’t be all bad. Tmobile hasn’t rolled out 2.0 so it’s hard for me to say anything about the turn-by-turn.

  2. Truth in Blogging: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, however, no sonner than I made that post above than I came across this review of the LexisNexis iPhone app for lawyers, and well, while the review (and the app) mean absolutely nothing to me, I felt that I had to amend my post from earlier.

    The Perfessor

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