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letterman-palinAs Walt reported the other day David Letterman made a bad joke about Sara Palin’s daughter getting knocked-up by A-Rod. He begged off an apology stating that he though he was talking about the older rather than the younger daughter. Better, but not by much, it was admittedly, always a bad joke. The problem I have is that those on the Right always seem quick to condem those on the Left for these kinds of “Oops” while — at the same time — excusing those on the Right who make similar kinds of “Oops” comments.

In a piece in The Dallas News, columnist Mark Davis actually made some salient point on this very topic.

By any civilized measure, a horrible joke – and another layer of the mounting evidence, from tasteless jests to hateful insults, that the Palins are fair game for a special level of mistreatment.

But something happened on the way to clarity.

He went on to say:

Those clinging to Willow’s presence may not know that comedy writing is a broad, sloppy art that usually does not involve a LexisNexis search before each punch line. The writers may not have known which other Palins were there.

Since none of us were in the writers’ room, I refer to history in responding to the manufactured certainty of Letterman’s darker intent: Never, in more than 30 years of television, has he made an adolescent girl the subject of a sex joke.

But the Palins, understandably weary of being the butt of pop-culture derision – and many conservatives understandably thrilled to see someone “fight back” – shelved any standard of fashioning a response to fit the offense.

You can read the entire article here, but it is nice for someone to make a clarion call to sanity, if only anyone would listen.

Point is, we are all human, and realistically not only would we get along better, but I think that things would run smoother if we could just admit that sometimes we are wrong and the other guy is right, I don’t know when it became set in stone policy that we can’t be wrong and you can’t be right.

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  1. There are other jokes made at the expense of people that should not be made, and there’s a list about political ones floating around out there, citing Rush and John McCain, but the point is, you cringe, and you go on.

    The millisecond that Bristol appeared on TV to promote locking the barn door after the horse trotted in and out… and in… and out… is the same moment in time she doomed both herself and _both_ of her two sisters to ridicule, now and in the future. You’re not supposed to ridicule anyone in a polite society, but I haven’t lived in one of those for years now.

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