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Yea it is fun poking at these guys, and it is even more fun watching them poke at each other. The latest news is that Conan has announced that when Leno gets moved back to 11:35 after the Olympics, he won’t follow as host of the Tonight show at 21:05 (someone rather eloquently went on to point out that if your show starts at 12:05 is is no longer “tonight” but tomorrow morning).

It looks like “The Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien is likely to be gone soon, chin-checked out by former host Jay Leno, whose 10 pm show on the GE (GE)–and soon to be Comcast (CMCSK)–broadcast television network bit.

But O’Brien is biting back harder, as you will see, along with “The Late Show” legend David Letterman on CBS (CBS), who is moving into viciously hysterical against Leno, whom he seems to dislike.

Here are some of their latest videos:

Follow the link if you wish, (hightly recommended), but I still wanted to post one of the vids, here:

Man, watching this stuff makes my life look tame.

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