Keep the NSA away: Is your refrigerator an acceptable Faraday cage?

From MAKE magazine comes a simple test on cell phones and security. It has to do with Edward Snowden and his quest to remain free from the NSA

…[A] New York Times article by Heather Murphy, a story was related where a group of lawyers were ordered by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to put their cell phones in the refrigerator before sitting down for dinner. The idea was that the metal-clad fridge would act as a Faraday cage, blocking any electromagnetic signals and preventing the group from being surveilled.

So, MAKE magazine’s Mike Colombo did two tests. One with a refrigerator and one with an empty cocktail shaker.

Check out the results. I was moderately surprised.

Presumably if the cocktail shaker is full of martini, the effect on the phone would be slightly different.

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