Just Add Water and go! (vid)

It’s cute, it’s stupid. Don’t worry, it’s over quick enough. Sound not req’d.

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2 thoughts on “Just Add Water and go! (vid)”

  1. At first, I thought Snickers had gotten a new swimming pool from Santa Claus. Then, I realized it was a very different dog.

  2. Ha, Jean! Yeah, that dog does kind of resemble Snickers in coloring doesn’t he? But that’s some sort of Dachshund, and those little guys obsess over obsessing, thus the round and round nature of the whole vid. Snickers is all too passive-aggressive, which translates to “I’ll do whatever I feel like doing, unless you tell me to do it, which means I won’t do what you say.” — or, in other words, Snickers would play until you started photographing her, and then she would stop and skulk away because she doesn’t want to do what you want her to do, because that’s like giving in to the Man, man, you know, man?

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