It is Sara Palin Week!

Well, not only was Governor Palin lampooned on SNL once again by Tina Fey, but this time with her own words. Seriously, you have to follow the above link to get to the Youtube video (for some reason it didn’t allow for embedding). The full clip can be seen here on NBC/Saturdaynight live’s site.

What really makes this work is the fact that the real news media is yucking it up over the SNL sketch. Here is Wolf Blitzer weighing in on the clip:

Still, even SNL can’t hold a candle to what the rank and file of the Blogisphere is doing to this national joke. Think I’m kidding? then just take a gander at this very funny (if a tad scatological) YouTube video that my darling wife turned me on to juat last night.

It is a real hoot!

This stuff just gets better and better.

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