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I’d like to thank everyone

for making the last two days of ICEFALL exciting for us!
With your help, we made the top of the charts at Amazon!

That out of the way, let’s talk about newsletters.

We sent out Newsletter Number One this week, and in it was a link to the special we ran on ICEFALL.

We also included this handy “What’s this ICEFALL stuff about?” guide and if you’re new to the Clearsky Chronicles, this should help you catch on.


The Clearsky Chronicles – The story of how Reynal Królik fits into the plan kept secret for over 200 years. The plan that involves controlling Alice. The twenty something episodes will be lovingly shoehorned inside a fat trilogy of novels.

Alice – The asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Alice can only be controlled from a room inside Rhone.

Rhone – The hollow mountain, inside which the ark where the biomes of Earth remain presevered. Rhone is controlled by Cerebus.

Cerebus – The fomer consortium of mining and technology corporations who were tipped off to the end of the world and had the means to create a refuge for their people who would care for the ark. The Ruling Council is now controlled by Aldus Turing.

Aldus Turing – Insanely afraid that Alice will crash down on Rhone, destroying not only the best and the brightest of humanity, but the ark preserved biota of Earth as well.

Earth – Currently wrapped in a perpetual Ice Age brought on by the shroud of ice cloaking the planet and reflecting warmth giving sunlight.

Earthland – The only flat land not covered by thick glacial ice. The remnants of humanity clustered here after the Fall. Populated by starving farmers, kept starving by their Cerebus rulers. Visited twice a year by The Procession.

The Procession – The visit some 400 Cerebus technicians and scientists make across the Eastern Sea. The meager aid the Procession gives the Earthlanders is in exchange for the food taken from them.

Reynal, Darjeeling, and Navid – Delivery drivers, one of whom is destined to one day drive Alice.

Odessa, Winnipeg, Lisbon and Seville – Medical students in the Procession, all of whom are marked for death.

We hope to give away more stuff in the newsletter. All I have right now is a bunch of imagery of the flooded Earth and a few maps you haven’t seen — Oh, right…

Have I told you all the places in The Clearsky Chronicles are real places you could go to today??
The tunnel? Real.
Which mountains in the middle of the Amazon jungle that will become islands making up the Cerebus nation? They’re all real, right there, today.
Details to come.


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