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ICEFALL episode listing

TLDR; This post will give a (mostly spoiler free) summary of what happens in each one of the first six episodes of THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES

With ICEFALL (available in both ebook and print!) you’ll note the book is divided into six episodes.

As with most things having to do with ICEFALL, it didn’t start out this way. But as the book stretched out, we found that it divided up into episodes all by itself. (Yes, like the little elves who cobbled the shoes while the shoemaker slept, the paws of tiny cats danced across my keyboard and edited the thing into 20,000 word chunks.  I leave out cream for them every morning.)

And, much like an episode for a TV series, each episode is mostly self contained. 

I discovered something when assembling the ebook episodes – I had to describe what went on in each one. Just like the TV Guide summary, I had to say what was in each one, but I had to do so without spoiling what actually happened.

Episode Listing for ICEFALL

    During a trip making his deliveries via dog sled, Reynal Królik learns a shocking truth about his mother’s death.Meanwhile, Odessa, a MEDcadet and part of the Cerebus procession to the City, secretly witnesses a gruesome crime.Ivan, a prisoner locked up for nearly two decades at the top of an isolated tower, gets a visit from a very powerful man.

    Rey competes in the Ice Runner Games for a chance to be invited to Rhone, the home island of Cerebus.

    Later, Rey and his dog team investigate the rubble left after the Cerebus warship, Sokol, destroys a small hut and it’s sole occupant.

    Rey is shown what’s in the mysterious box, gets some orbital mechanics homework from the prisoner, and runs into a very beautiful but equally curious woman.

Meanwhile, procession security team leaders Taranto and Carmen discover Odessa saw their early morning murder. Odessa and her podmates are singled out during the assembly at the port.

    Rey and his brothers discuss the implications of their latest clandestine deliveries, while the procession security team leaders discuss an elegant solution to their problem.

Odessa and her podmates get frustrated with their new lodgings, and in a fit of desperation she signals for help. It comes… but with a price.

The brothers discuss what to do with their new cargo.

    Cairo divulges as little as she is able during a meeting with Aldus. Teach meets the boys’ new companions and has to make a decision. Leaving the City means climbing into unexpected places.Rey and Odessa are too close for comfort when an old enemy confronts Teach.
    The MEDcadets do what they can for the injured among them and the group starts off to a secret location where a decision has to be made. Rey learns Alice isn’t a girl, and she’s on her way to Earth.Teach, on a tight schedule, attracts the attention of the people guarding the Port.

Meanwhile, the operation in the City goes off without a hitch – until a shadow appears.

  • ICEFALL: THREE FOR THREE — After the MEDcadets are forced to operate on one of their own, everyone – except one key member of the group – makes it to their new mode of transport.

The MEDcadets disguise themselves right before a sudden inspection. The missing member of the group gets a cold reception.

Meanwhile, the prisoner gets a free ride into trouble.


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