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Just saw this twitter gag in Chris Giarrusso’s Image comic G-Man #2. the gag is part of a strip contributed by Chris Elioppouos:


G-Man-2WebNot only is the strip in question very funny (as you can well see), so too is the over-all comic, G-Man. Chris is best known in comicbook circles as the cartoonist who brings us Mini Marvels, which have been a long-running series that appear irregularly in numerous Marvel Comics over the years. The strip re-imagines many Marvel characters as full-blown superheroes, but as kids.

Always funny and extremely entertaining the strip usually plays off whatever current story lines are occurring in the comics. He also has had a long-running series (similar in nature) which has been appearing over at Image. the G-Man comic (featuring Chris’s original characters), is an outgrowth of those stories.

I’ve been picking up the series (slated to run five issues) and it is very entertaining. I highly recommend it.

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