Google Via Text Message


Those are the magic digits for you to find out all sorts of helpful info while you’re on the go.

Say you’re in the local Best Buy, and you run across what seems like a good deal on recordable CD blanks, but you’re curious if you can find a better deal elsewhere.

Type in the letter “F” with a space, and then the UPC off of the item you’re looking at in the store. Send the text message to 46645, and wait for about five seconds. If your reception in the store is good, you’ll have results for the cheapest price on the exact same item, sent as a text message right to your phone!

Obviously, if the price difference isn’t too great, you go ahead and pick up the item anyway… but then…

You’re on the way out of the store, and you decide you might want to go to see a movie. Let’s say, HITCH for example.

You simply type in
a space

and send that text to that magic number

and you’ll have the closest movie theater (or in my case two movie theaters) with the movie times sent back in text messages in seconds!

This is Google’s true gift to the world. Microsoft, Yahoo, all them mighty corporations have been struggling on how to make our lives easier,
but this…

THIS my friends is Google’s God’s gift to mankind

For more instructions, type
and send that to the magic number.
See what you get!

And finally, the link to more info on this

(As always, standard text messaging rates do apply)

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