Going Greenish

Yeah, yeah, I know that with Earth Day coming up everyone is at least talking about “going green” so when I read this story about changing your printer font to use less ink, I was, well intrigued.

With shrinking budgets and increasing environmental concerns, CIT has been exploring ways to reduce campus printing costs and consumption of supplies. One suggestion that has been made on several occasions is to use a font that consumes less ink and toner. To that end, we have selected the Century Gothic font for the campus choice award! The Century Gothic font looks good onscreen and on the printed page (at least for general purposes), and it uses 30% less ink than the most commonly used default font – Arial. This is a big deal because ink accounts for about 60% of the cost of the printed page, and it is not cheap — about $10,000 a gallon – with toner cartridges and drums not far behind.

Personally, I (mostly) don’t print my email, and when I do, I use the flip (clean) side of previously-printed pages (thus getting two uses out of each page).

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