Game of Thrones – 12 minute preview

Game Of Thrones

I know how popular Game Of Thrones is to many within the geek community.

I tried reading the first book.
150 pages in, I put the book down.
Over a decade later, I discovered Sean Bean, one of my all time favorite actors,
cast in the HBO production coming out April 17th and suddenly I was very much there.

After the jump, here’s a 12 minute preview of the show.
It’s certainly a big production, and apparently a lot of care has been taken so the television production follows what’s in the book.

See what you think after the break, and I’ll give my thoughts then.

The mood is somber. There is no joy in Mudville. The bad spooky folks have been gone for thousands of years, but we get to see spooky slashy stuff right at the first, and then boring slashy stuff to follow.

Of course, if they didn’t have the books to follow, instead of slashy stuff, we’d have at least one nekkid couple doing some medieval mombo night moves…

I’m still looking forward to this presentation, mind you. But as I already mentioned, I put down the first book, and never felt compelled to pick it up again. I’d love to be wrong here.

Edited To Add by Alison: In 1997, Walt and I went to the RWA National Conference in Orlando. At one of the luncheons, hardcover copies of The Game of Thrones were on our chairs, so we came home with two, and they went into storage after Walt’s attempt at reading. I dug them out several years later and was going to list them for sale on … until I saw what they were going for. Instead, I sold them on eBay for $150 each.

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  1. A couple friends from high school were obsessed with this book, Not that I have a clue about the story, But I’m pretty good at the board game. It’s like a German version of diplomacy. Pretty unbalanced though, If you weren’t red or black you pretty much had an uphill battle.

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