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Cover_webYep, that’s right. Last year I was able to produce my first stand-alone comic Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl which has become an instant hit. Now this year I’ve rolled out my second, First in Flight. As you all ready know. HG&THG is a Good Girl, gag comic that deconstructs superheroes while it has a good time doing so.

Gustave_headshotMy newest work, First in Flight, is somewhat different type of comic. a few years back I wrote a short story about Gustave Whitehead, for a for a graphic album. Gustave was a man who lived in Bridgeport CT who actually flew twy years before the Wright Brothers. He has never been able to achieve his proper place in hiistory due to a long-standing contract between the Smithsonian and the heirs of Orville & Wilbur (check out the book History by Contract), by William J O’Dwyer.

ICONIC_cover-1The art on the Whitehead comic is by Rick Lundeen, and that book (Iconic) is currently available for sale for $9.99. The Graphic Album also contains stories about other historic, fictional, and mythic figures including Sherlock Holmes, Ebenezer Scrooge, Robin Hood, Mark Twain, Prometheus, and St. George.

Well, recently I pulled my Gustave Whitehead story out to create a stand-alone 8-pager that we are going to use to promote Gustave’s accomplishments, and (hopefully) turn it into a full-sized 32-page comics to be distributed to schools in Conn. I got turned on to Gustave by one of my High School Science teachers, A guy named Andy Kosch, who has spent a great deal of time trying to get Gustave’s accomplishments acknowledged.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that soon.

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