Flight from Egypt (part Deux)

Here is an update on my son, the world traveler. As I indicated, he and his friends made it safely out of Cairo (just before all ofothe serious violence brokle out). They made it back to the school, grabbed up as much of their gear thyw were allowed to carry, and then hi-tailed it to the airport (all of the travel courtesy of American University who provided them with a car).

here is an excerpt from the blog of one of his friend’s as posted by the kid’s mom.

The tanks cover Tahrir Square and people are all over them. There are burned out cars and it’s a party atmosphere, though there is a feeling that things could get out of hand. Luckily they never do but we are surrounded by burning buildings and burned out car, there are men with souvenirs from the riot police and one man with a machete. We climb on the tanks, take a few photos and then go back.

Pick up 8 egg sandwiches from a sandwich cart which is for some reason in the area and go back home to bed, minus one sandwich for the bawab. Just before we get into our apartment it begins to rain and there is a moment of common euphoria in the street. We shake hands and exchange pleasantries with some Egyptians in the streets. A good omen Insha’allah.”

Yeah, I liked that part of the pics on the tanks as well.

Anyway, once out, they landed in Istanbul (but were “abandoned” at the airport. Good thing Dylan had vacationed there during last semester so he knew the location of a youth hostel). Once there they had cell and Internet service and were able to contact us again. After a couple of days, his friends went off to where they were headed, and Dylan was able to move into an AU dorm to hang out on University with other students and plan his next move, which is to the AU in Beirut, Lebanon to finish out the year.

Yeah, Beirut.

Now you all know why I drink.

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